Derivatives contract are financial instrument which buyer or seller agree in price volume and condition by give the right for buy or sell underlying asset to parties and will deliver underlying asset or cash settlement when expire date by financial instrument value depend on underlying asset value.


The TFEX is allowed to trade futures, options, and options on futures. The permitted underlying products include:
  • Equities and other securities indices;
  • Debts instruments and interest rates;
  • Non-agricultural commodities and other financial indices (e.g., gold, crude oil and foreign currencies)

By present TFEX permitted underlying product below:

1.  SET50 Index Futures 
2.  SET50 Index Options 
3.  Single Stock Futures 
4.  Gold Futures
5.  Interest Rate Futures

Trading Procedure

Trading Method resemble with trading stock exchange by investor place the order via your broker which are TFEX member then investor place order to broker, They must be send the order into TFEX by TFEX are duty center for matching order by electronic system